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ForAfrica is a community outreach initiative that promotes mentoring as a pathway to new growth in academic, social, and personal development of young adults. The outcome of the program is to assist students to make a successful transition from high school to college and eventually into the work force, then to position them to become leaders in their chosen career fields.  Our objectives are two-fold:

1.    To enable young adults to define their own success (personal, professional, financial, social, etc.), then enable them to achieve it.

2.    To enable them through their own success to transform their society by making their societies more just, their world more peaceful, and their futures more stable.

Consulting and Operations Focus


Fora is a Swahili word meaning SUCCESS. ForAfrica exists to enable Nations and Individuals to succeed by becoming MORE EFFECTIVE LEADERS so that they can work

For a more just society

For a more peaceful world

For a more stable future…


Our focus is tailored to meet the needs of each community and those specific needs identified therein. We seek to establish a model program/initiative in areas of sub-Saharan Africa where we can see results within 2-3 years. These areas should have an identified target audience and access to education, such as high school programs that feed into a university system.

ForAfrica targets those students who have been forgotten; who have potential, but have not been given opportunities to succeed.

ForAfrica focuses on the following student population:

  • Recent college graduates (completed school within past 5 years) who have limited work experience, may be struggling to achieve their goals, and would benefit from guidance and direction. (PTS [or Pathways to Success] Professionals)
  • College students who will be graduating within the next two years from a graduate program at university or undergraduate college program with an emphasis on business, finance, education, journalism, media and sociology. (PTS Graduate Group)
  • Beginning college students (freshmen & sophomores). (PTS College Group)
  • High school students who demonstrate the potential to complete a college program in the above mentioned areas. These students will be mentored by our college students. (PTS High School Group)

Interested in any of these initiatives ForAfrica?  Contact us today to learn more or to speak with one of our consultant partners. 

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