Philosophy & Mission

Our Mission:

To TRANSFORM society one life at a time through leadership training, mentoring and education.

Our Purpose:

We want to make a difference in the lives of young people in African communities. We believe we can do so through leadership plans that offer professionals and young adults the opportunity to develop their full potential. We also want to help establish a core group of skilled young professionals with community, national, regional and global vision, as well as the necessary leadership abilities to change their society for the better.

 Our Core Beliefs:                         

ForAfrica initiatives will focus on the tenets of leadership. Our belief is that successful leaders are identified from within the community, and developed through mentors, leadership development and work-ready programs. We believe that SUCCESS comes through:



  • Perseverance and determination

  • Community and family development

  • Leadership development, mentoring, and education

  • Collaboration and strategic alliances

  • Upholding our spiritual values and beliefs

We are Christians. We are motivated by our faith in Jesus Christ to work to change society through positive leadership training; this faith underscores and gives shape to our personal philosophy of leadership.  At the same time, we respect the rights of all people to believe as they choose, and will provide our services to anyone who needs them…we we will not discriminate on the basis of faith.


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